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    Just Gotta Say Thank You!!!!!

    By admin | January 18, 2010

    Gerry & Thomas Adams-THANK YOU!!! 
    This thank you – it’s well over due. In July of 2010, Gerry and Thomas Adams made their first in a series of annual contributions. The Adams’ have made a pledge to donate $1500.00 over the next three years. When making this promise Gerry remarked, and I am paraphrasing, “If we’re concerned about the state of education in this country, it’s our responsibility to do something about it.”  Gerry and Thomas’ support will help those in need, such as a young person who wants to go to college, someone who would lack the resources to be able to afford an education without some assistance.  I first met Gerry at a Toastmasters meeting at the United Nations. I liked her instantly.  And when I created this fund and asked Gerry for a donation, she responded, “I want to help.  It’s people like Gerry and Thomas who make the difference by taking that extra step to influence change in another’s life.  Thank you Gerry and Thomas. We appreciate you, your commitment, and your gifts.

     Paul & Christine Andrukonis-THANK YOU!!!!! 
    Just gotta say thanks to my former colleague and friend Paul Andrukonis and his wife Christine for supporting us through a donation. It is so encouraging, when despite these challenging economic times, people like Christine and Paul are willing to share their resources. Thank you Christine & Paul. Because of your donation, we are that much closer to reaching our goal of providing a $20,000 college scholarship to Cheyenne. I’m so grateful to both of you!!!!


    His name is Goran Billingskog.
    An angel, that’s what he is. Tirelessly he has worked at creating our website offering his service at no cost to this organization. There are times in my life when I wander how is it that such giving and wonderful people cross my path.  I assure you; it has nothing to do with me but it is indeed the gracious kindness of beautiful souls like Goran who willingly put aside the need for monetary gain and instead work diligently to advance the cause of those in need.  Thank you Goran. To learn more about Goran Billingskok of DUROBI visit http://www.billingskog.com/, http://www.durobi.com/

    WE’VE GOT NEW MENTORS. Hooray!!!!

    Katti Gray and Paul Andrukonis have joined our team as mentors. Both Katti and Paul volunteered to help our scholar with her college studies.  Learn more about our mentors and their expertise through our website at “programs, mentors”. Thank you so much Katti and Paul. We are so grateful for your support.

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