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    Special offers from our partners

    By admin | February 4, 2010

    Hi folks, our web designer has a special offer for those in need of a website, or if you  need an update to your old site.  Check out the details below from Goran Billingskog of DUROBI http://www.durobi.com/,http://www.billingskog.com/  . PLEASE SUPPORT!!!!

    Moving forward I want to develop the “WordPress” concept further. I think it’s stable, very flexible and what I gave you is a very good foundation for almost any informational website. I want to build on this.

    I want to offer this solution to more people and I can use your help to get the word out. Here is the basic structure and pricing. I have created a very simple pricing formula.  I’m offering a new website at $100 a page for a minimum of $1500 = 15 pages. You know how easy it is to create a new page once the template is in place.

    The pricing includes one design, CMS, my sql DB and blog.  Just like yours – but you have a few small modifications.

    You can then add a number of components to the basic website depending on your needs:

    1. Newsletter  subscription

    2. Ecommerce

    3. Banners for promotion within the website

    4. Ad space(including ad management)

    5.Google Analytics (setup)

    6. Product catalog

    7. Archives

    8. Content categorization

    9 . SEO

    10. Animated banners

    11. Video

    12. Different layouts for different sections

    13. Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn links and feeds

    and a lot more…

     Each of the above components comes with a different pricetag.

    Let’s say you talk to someone that needs a new website or redo an old one. You can mention this package as a viable solution and have them contact me. They can start with the basic package and add what they need.

    Göran Billingskog

    45-50 30th Street, 7th floor

    Long Island City, NY 11101

    Office 212.537.9063 x2

    Mobile 917.912.1309

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    One Response to “Special offers from our partners”

    1. admin Says:
      June 25th, 2010 at 8:25 am

      Hello, thanks for your question. We don’t have a myspace page. Can we help you in some other way