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     Freda-website-croppedI am delighted to welcome you to the Freda L. Thomas Scholarship Fund’s website. I am especially proud of our scholars who are benefitting from our financial support and mentor programs and other resources that are made available to them.

    The Freda L. Thomas Scholarship Fund, Inc. is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c) 3) tax-exempt not- profit corporation with the ability to accept contributions and donations which are tax-deductible.

    Five applicants have benefited from our initiatives, which have included awards to single parent mothers living in shelters, helping to provide education and job training through various institutions in New York City.

    I created this organization because of my life-long commitment to help advance the cause of persons who have been marginalized.

    In 2007, Thomas the scholar focus was shifted to a scholarship program that advances and benefits a talented, motivated high school student with a demonstrated financial need.

    This new focus awards recipients up to $8,000.00 to pay their college tuition.

    Funds are made possible through donations from individual givers as well as from local and international businesses.

    Personal attention is provided to the scholar through supporters, mentors, and educators.

    Please visit the site frequently.

    And tell your friends about us in order that we can spread the word about our initiatives to advance the cause of high-school seniors who have the desire to progress in their lives using education as the catalyst.