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    Ray McLean-Contributor-February 2011

    Upon receipt of the 2010 Annual Report, Ray responded, “great job.”  He also suggested to place a collection basket at his booth during the 4th of July African Street Festival.  We will definitely do that to see if we can get some donations.  Thanks for a great suggestion Ray.

    Doris Hq-Contributor-February 2011

    Upon making her annual donation, Doris commented, “It’s my pleasure to be a part of the helpful hands in assisting young students in achieving their American dreams. They are blessed to have someone like you making so much effort in making a difference in their lives. ”  Thank you Doris. We appreciate you.

    Felicia Mann-Vice President-December 2010

    Felicia came up with a novel idea to help us raise funds.  She decided to ask her colleagues at work to donate to our cause rather than buy her a Christmas gift.  Her colleagues responded with donations and afterwards Felicia commented that although she enjoys the gifts from colleagues like nice bottles of wine, she is glad money what would’ve been spent for her enjoyment goes instead to a young person in need.  Thank you Felicia.  That’s just awesome

    Awardee Cheyenne Bascoe – November 2009
    I thankfully accept this educational scholarship. I am confident that I am a determined, focused, and dedicated student. I firmly believe that I have the ability to succeed in all of my aspirations. I appreciate the assistance that I have been awarded because I have worked so hard. Receiving this scholarship will allow me the funding required to pay my college tuition. Though I have not decided which university I will attend in the fall, I am sure that when I make the decision it will be less stressful because I now have a solid foundation of financial assistance. I am so happy that I will have enough to cover my tuition, buy my textbooks, and finance all other resources that a first-year college student will need. I am grateful.
    Warmest Regards,
    Cheyenne Bascoe

    Awardee Makeda Buggs – January 2010
    First and foremost I would like to thank the Freda Thomas Scholarship Fund for awarding me a scholarship; it meant so much to me. The Scholarship allowed me to be able to travel to Europe as a People to People Student Ambassador. The experience was amazing. I was able to learn that other cultures are just like myself when it comes to way of life. The only thing that really is different is what they eat, exactly what religion they believe in, and their language. The experience really helped me to understand that you really shouldn’t judge people by their appearance especially before you really get to know them. The experience is something I can take with me and use for the rest of my life and I have that thanks to the Freda Thomas Scholarship Fund. Thank you so very much again.
    Makeda Buggs

    Message from FLTSF Board member and Vice President, Felicia Mann
    Dear Friends,
    A very close friend of mine, Freda Thomas, has established a Scholarship Fund to provide a college education for a High School graduate in the NYC area who does not have the financial means to pursue higher education. As long as I’ve known Freda she has dedicated her free time to helping others in need. Just to highlight a few examples:

    This is just a small representation of how Freda has executed her mission from God. I am a member of the Board of Directors for this scholarship fund and will be participating in the applicant selection process. If you are inspired to make a contribution, which is tax deductible, please click on the contribution link on our home page.

    I thank you in advance for taking the opportunity to review this information and for any contribution you can make for the Scholarship Fund. Although there’s a lot to be done to help people in the world, we can all make a difference helping one person at a time.
    Best Regards,
    Felicia Jackson

    Supporter Tracy Scott Berkley
    Freda Thomas has made such an impact on the lives of others.  Her willingness to stand on the front line while addressing social, economic and political issues has been extraordinary.  Freda’s continued effort to help others is certainly a gesture of pure humanity. I often ask myself  “what would it be like if we had more Freda’s in the world today” ? My answer has always been the same; “We could never go wrong with such angels.”  It’s truly the work of this one woman who paves a journey for many others to follow. I am so grateful for her service and will always support her in her efforts.
    Tracy Scott Berkley

    Supporter Joseph Ulitto
    Freda Thomas walks the walk.  Teaching in Ghana, befriending the homeless, rallying people around a friend or a stranger in need, and of course, The Freda L. Thomas Scholarship Fund – these are some examples of how Freda shares her gifts and talents.  She believes in giving back to the community, be it near or far.  Her love of life, belief in the essential goodness of people and willingness to serve are inspirational. I support FLTSF through donations because I know that it is a concrete way Freda’s vision of opportunities for all can be realized.