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    We are presently soliciting various charitable organizations to become our partners.


    Grants are a sustainable method used to obtain the capital needed in order to advance our cause and improve the lives of our scholars. Our grants-based approach is to seek partnerships with organizations who share our mission and objective. We seek partners who want to help young people living under impoverished conditions to transition to a better life, using a college education to advance their situation. Foundation grants help advance the cause of women living in shelters – women who have been separated from employment for an extended period of time. Organizations providing capital grants produce the necessary seed capital that can help us increase the number of awards we offer as well as expanding the reach and number of lives we are able to touch.

    We openly invite charitable organizations who share our mission to join us as partners. If you are a member of a not-for-profit gift giving organization and you would like to partner with us, please contact us at flt@fredathomasscholarship.org.


    Our mentors provide a very special connection for our scholars.

    How You Can Help:

    Our applicants often need someone to bond with to help navigate their way. You can be that person by providing encouragement and offering counsel and guidance. Forming a one-on-one relationship with a scholar can help support and advise their future growth. For scholars living in shelters, benefitting from our efforts to advance their job readiness, you can help them gain confidence. You can also help by being a resource, disseminating information that will inform their decision making. We want to support our awardees efforts and help advance their cause. For our college bound scholars, we want to see them take on roles of leadership that involve community stewardship.

    Sign up today to become a volunteer mentor. Together, we can help influence a life for the better.


    Send an email today, to flt@fredathomasscholarship.org letting us know you’d like be a mentor. In the subject line add “I Want to Mentor”.

    Thank you.