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    The purpose of the Return to Work (RTW) scholarship program is to help a displaced out of work person to develop their confidence and job training skills.  The RTW program will help a person obtain the necessary skills to become and Administrative Assistant.  The recipient will attend the Grace Institute of New York, City, (GI), http://www.graceinstitute.org/, a 100-year-old educational organization that provides the practical skills necessary for obtaining employment, developing self-sufficiency and improving the quality of their life. FLTSF will award $225.00 to a qualified applicant to offset the cost of the application fee and textbooks.  The Grace Institute provides 9-months of training tuition-free.

     Requirements to participate in the RTW program are as follows:

    Please insure to review the Eligibility Requirements before downloading and printing the application form.

    After printing and completing your application, make sure to fill out ALL sections of the application and mail your application to the address at the top of the form.

    Click on the link below to download the application form.

     Pdf of application goes here

     Persons who are ineligible or not interested in attending the Grace Institute but would like to benefit from our mentor program, please email us at flt@fredathomasscholarship.org. In the subject line indicate, “I need a mentor”. Include your contact information in your email and we will connect you with a volunteer mentor.