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    Lisbel Tavarez, recipient 2012 college scholarship











    It’s my pleasure to introduce Lisbel Tavarez, our 2012 college scholarship recipient. Lisbel resides in Brooklyn, New York with her mother, sister and brother.  She is a senior, and Honor Roll student at George Westinghouse Career/Technology High School in Brooklyn, NY.

    College means everything to Lisbel. She believes that without a degree it will be difficult to get a job.


    She is doing her part to achieve her dream by participating in Upward Bound, a college preparatory program, serving as an intern at New York’s Attorney General’s office, and taking part in many school activities where she has the opportunity to put her leadership abilities into action.

    Lisbel has GPA of 87 and out of class of 230 students her class rank is 6.

    Lisbel has been accepted to Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, New York where she will begin matriculation in the fall of 2012. Her major is Criminal Justice.

    Lisbel is proud to say that she is not a person who idolizes those who have achieved great fame, but rather those who have met dire challenges in their lives and overcome them.  And Lisbel is most proud of her mother, who as a single mother has “successfully taken on the challenge of raising her children through middle school, high school and on to college.” Excerpt from Lisbel’s application

    March 8,2012 email from Lisbel upon notification that she is the 2012 college scholarship recipient. “Hey Ms Thomas, I have received the Scholarship Award Letter , and I appreciate everything. I will make sure to succeed at every requirement. I will make you proud! Thank You so Much Lisbel Tavarez”  Congratulations Lisbel. Now, Go and live your dreams!!!

    Cheyenne Basco - 2009

    Ms. Cheyenne Basco – 2009 Awardee

    Cheyenne is the first recipient receiving a scholarship that pays towards college tuition. Cheyenne is a New York resident, senior, and Honor Roll student, with perfect attendance at George Westinghouse Career/Technology High School in Brooklyn, NY. She is a vibrant, outgoing, intelligent young lady, full of promise.  She easily captivates the heart, and she’s a hugger.  Cheyenne and her family have faced life altering challenges.  And yet, despite the difficulties, Cheyenne presents herself with calm, resolve, with a determination to succeed. She says she sees education as the bridge to a better life. And she will be among the first in her family to attend college.  Cheyenne has strong leadership skills as demonstrated by her efforts to run for the school position of Secretary of Student Government, an election in which she won. She is also a member of her school’s leadership program, a program that requires that she rise each week at 5:45AM in order to reach school before class starts so that she can participate in the leadership program.  With a GPA of 82.0 out of a possible 100, Cheyenne’s class rank is 23 out of a class of 210 students. Cheyenne wants to be a teacher.  Cheyenne is the daughter of a single parent mother, who at present has no income and is living on public assistance. Here are some excerpts from Cheyenne’s acknowledgement of her award and her note of thanks: “I thankfully accept this educational scholarship. I am confident that I am a determined, focused, and dedicated student. I firmly believe that I have the ability to succeed in all of my aspirations. I appreciate the assistance that I have been awarded because I have worked so hard. Receiving this scholarship will allow me the funding required to pay my college tuition.  It will be less stressful – attending college – because I now have a solid foundation of financial assistance. I am so happy that I will have enough to cover my tuition, buy my textbooks, and finance all other resources that a first-year college student will need. I am grateful.”

    Makeda Buggs 2007 Awardee

    Scholar Makeda Buggs

    15-year old Makeda Buggs received a scholarship for $355.00 to help pay for her travel and participation in the People to People Student Ambassador Tour. People to People enables young students the opportunity to travel abroad and learn about other cultures, while interacting with government officials. Through People to People, Makeda visited Russia. As a result of her travel and experience, she returned to the states more confident with a focus on education and pursuing potential career advancement.

    Ms. Heavenly Gaines – 2005 Awardee
    Ms. Heavenly Gaines, another single parent with a seven year old son, received an award of $1,675.00 to help augment her son’s seriously delinquent school tuition and other critical needs. At the time of the award, Heavenly was unemployed and facing severe financial hardship. The fund served as a down payment towards her son’s tuition and helped provide Heavenly with assistance to buy essentials like toiletries and food.

    Ms. Darlene Tanner – 2003 Awardee
    Darlene Tanner, a single parent with a five year old son, who also resided in a battered women’s shelter at the time she received assistance from this organization.  Darlene was provided mentoring and motivational assistance as well as job placement assistance, which helped build her self confidence.  This organization introduced Ms. Tanner to Dress for Success, an organization that donates interview attire to women in need. The FLT Scholarship Fund also introduced Darlene to a recruiter with Citibank’s Wildcat program – a job readiness program, affording displaced workers opportunities to advance in new career.  Ms. Tanner was interviewed and hired at Citibank as a Financial Associate. Since her initial hire, Darlene has been promoted to Customer Service Representative where she is highly respected as a valued employee.

    Ms. Shauna Rivers – 2003 Awardee
    Ms. Shauna Rivers, the first scholarship recipient, received an award of $400.00 which paid for books and fees to attend the Grace Institute of New York City, and also helped pay for child care services. The Grace is a 100-year old educational organization that provides the practical skills necessary for obtaining employment, developing self-sufficiency, and improving the quality of a person’s life. Ms. Rivers is a single parent with a seven year old son, who was residing in a battered women’s shelter at the time the award was provided. Since that time, Ms. Rivers has completed the training at the Grace Institute and has also transitioned to permanent housing, which has turned her life around.

    Darlene Tanner – 2003 Awardee
    Darlene Tanner, another 2003 recipient, is also a single parent with a five year old son, who also resided in a battered women’s shelter at the time she received assistance from this organization. Darlene was provided mentoring and motivational assistance, as well as job placement assistance, which helped build her self confidence.